A milestone along the way

michelle  2Today the first copies of Michelle and the Bumblebee arrived in the post. It took me several hours to actually open the book and check to see that no errors had snuck into it, no pages had jumped out, no blips had entered.
Michelle first copiesI have just sent off a request for further proof copies of the other two books – learning to “let go” is difficult! I am always sure I could “just improve this a little bit” – but at the end of the day the books will end up in toy boxes, on the floor, under the blankets, and any little thing I might let slip through is not going to matter at all!

I have been battling with the format for “When Mum Fell Asleep in the Bath”. I had it ready in landscape 9″ x 7″, but was unable to complete the uploads in that format without pictures jumping around within the pdf file. What I sent didn’t match the downloaded proofs I got back after they had been received and processed. So, reluctantly, I reverted to the square format for this one too. Reluctantly because my illustrations were for the landscape format; I do like the size and shape of the square template I am using. I have spent another 12 hours or so adding to illustrations and adding little critters to make the most of the extra space the square format gives me. To complete the trio, “The Lost Happy” is in portrait form. It is a slightly bigger book so that young readers can colour the illustrations once they have read the story.

Over the next few days I must prepare the legal deposit forms for the books so that they can be sent to the NZ National Library in Wellington, and as soon as those books arrive they will be on their way again. I have 20 days from the official date of publication to get the books to Wellington.

And then, I suppose, I can take a break for a couple of days until the next book pushes its way to the fore. It is likely to be the Owl series, another light-hearted one for the younger readers. I am not quite ready for my serious one yet.

Tonight I intend sleeping well; it’s been a long stretch of working extremely long hours. My pillow has been missing me. Mmmm… I wonder, is there a pillow story there somewhere?

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