From the Studio

view from studioToday in glorious weather the view from my studio on Monte Asprano is distracting. This morning began with a brisk 6am walk. This afternoon I was high up on Colle Abate, a rocky but not too difficult climb. The heat of the sun was eased by a fresh and welcome breeze. Tonight the fireflies will entice me outside again. Two little dogs love being nearby, keeping me company as I work. I am counting my blessings and feeling grateful for my interesting life.

Photograph: early morning vista from my studio window.

Spring Cleaning the Studio

Picking up my Italian life again wasn’t too hard, but there was the inevitable “re-entry blues” patch when the reality of leaving family behind hit home again. Away from children and young people, my routine has changed and my productivity is down.

It’s time to welcome spring, throw open the windows of the studio, and move back to a productive space. Being busy does not equal being productive.  Having ideas does not equal producing books. 

This is the setting that alternately distracts and inspires me – and now it’s upstairs to work for me!

DSC04296 DSC04299